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Dutch Spiral manufacture a wide range of standard and custom built Screenings and Sand Containers – Commonly used in sewage treatment plants and industrial plants where odorous sludge is encountered or transport through odour sensitive neighbourhoods is required.
Screenings and Sand Containers

Screenings and Sand Containers

With a single loading point, integrated spreading screw conveyor and level sensors the container has many advantages over traditional roll containers.

Being fully sealed, odours are enclosed, both during filling and transport and the large height gives significant volume increases over traditional units.

The screenings container is positioned under the discharge, by which the gas spring operated slide valve is opened.

The container is designer to be connected and disconnected by the truck driver, so plant operator attendance is not required.

Fully Automated and Contained Screenings and Sand Containers

Fully Automated and Contained Screenings and Sand Containers


Dutch Spiral has over 50 years of experience in design, manufacture and installation of shaftless screw conveyors and systems. Our competence lies with strong engineering, inhouse production experienced installation, providing for a high level of service.